A Pinch of Snuff – Class 12th English Rainbow Part 2 Exercise Solution

    Objective Question Answer

  1. ———has written A pinch of snuff.

(a )Mahatma Gandhi          (b) Manohar Malgaonkar     (c) Dr.Zakir Hussain             (d) Shiga Naoya

2.A Pinch of Snuff is—————-

(a) a short story                 (b) a drama                            (c)  an essay                          (d) novel

  1. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi——————–

(a) to visit the Red Fort                                                    (b) to see some minister

(c) to participate a conference                                        (d) to spend the summer

  1. Nanukaka was Author’s —————–

(a) brother                          (b) neighbour                                    (c) maternal uncle                (d) uncle

  1. Manohar Malgaonkar is an——————writer,

(a) Australian                   (b) African                              (c) Indo-Indian                       (d) Indonesian

  1. The author has complex about—————–

     (a) relative                       (b) guest                                 (c) official                               (d) minister

  1. ————was coming to visit the narrator’s family.

    (a) Sohan Lal                   (b) Ratiram                            (c) Minister                             (d) Nanukaka

  1. Nanukaka travelled in —————

     (a) the A.C .Class           (b) the second class             (c) the Third class                 (d) the first class

9.Nanukaka was related to the narrator as  he was his——————

      (a) son                            (b) nephew                            (c) cousin                               (d) mother

  1. On the platform Nanukaka handed over the author————–

    (a) a bag                           (b) a box                                 (c) a briefcase                       (d) a basket

  1. The basket contained ——————

   (a) fruits                              (b) a cat                                  (c)cash                                   (d) sweets

12.The author was merely————-

    (a) an under-secretary    (b) a secretary                       (c) a clerk                               (d) None of these

  1. Nanukaka had third class ticket but travelled in the second class because———-

    (a) he was clever             (b) there was no third class

(c) he lost his ticket          (d) there was no room in the third class.

  1. Nanukaka was installed in———–

    (a) the guest room           (b) the drawing room            (c) author’s bedroom.           (d) the Verandah.

  1. Nanukaka in a linguistic emergency always turned to———

     (a) English                       (b) Hindi                                 (c) his mother-tongue           (d) Sanskrit

  1. The author had taken ———–

     (a) five days’ leave         (b) three days’ leave            (c) two days’ leave               (d) six days’ leave

  1. Nanukaka thought that the secretary treated them coldly because they——

     (a) an old car                   (b) a bigger car                     (c) a small car                       (d) a new car

  1. Nanukaka took out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for——

      (a) five thousand rupees                                              (b) two thousand rupees

(c) a thousand rupees                                                    (d) five thousand rupees.

19.No dear, ‘ mother said ‘. He must be already on the train’ taken from

A Pinch of Snuff

20.Mother’s announcement shook me’ taken from

A Pinch of Snuff

21.Mother has always been very loyal  to her side’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

22.I  was waiting on the platform when the train come in’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuf

23. As I went up, he handed me a basket’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

24.I ducked and ran, and mingled with the crowd’ taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

25.Very quiet, ‘ I said perhps it is dead, I thought hopefully’ has  been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

26.It was a time for frankness,’  has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

27.At mother’s insistance, I had taken two days’ leave from the office’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

28.’Two hours, I spent, being transferred from one chaprasi to another, taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

29.A garnish yellow sports car flashed past us, has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

30. To get on a foreign assignment is in the same category as getting an interview ‘ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

31. Lalaji must have free, because from the adjoining room we could just hear the unhurried gurgle’ taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

32. I thought he was speaking in an unusually loud voice’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

33. The steady gurgling of Hookah in the next room has suddenly stopped’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

34. Ha, ha,ha,ha,’ laughed Sohanlal ,now showing all his pan-stained teeth’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

35.The fixed grin on Sohanlal’s face vanished’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

36.He inhaled some snuff before he spoke’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

37. He took out his cheque-book and wrote a cheque for a thousand ruppes’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

38. After this demonstration of wealth, it was quite easy about the car’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

39. I have just come to make a formal call, he announced’ has been taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

40.‘Take me to the Mahraja Sutkatta’s palace . I have to return all those horoscopes entrusted to me ‘ taken from.

A Pinch of Snuff

One words substution

  1. Evacuee-propertyà Property of someone who has moved away from his home because of danerous situation.
  2. Outlandish-à Extermely strange an usual
  3. Bandishing-à Waving so that others can see it.



  1. Explain any the following:

1.“He wrote his name with flourish and added “Hereditary Astrologer to the Maharaja to the Maharaja of Ninnore”

AnsàThese lines have been taken from ‘A pinch of snuff’ which is written by Novelist and short story writer Manohar Malgaonkar. When Nanukaka did not succeed in seeing the minister in the first attempt, he thought another plan to attract the attention of Minister. He hired a new big car and went to the minister’s residence and demanded the visitor’s book. He only signed and wrote Hereditary Astrologer of Ninnore. When the minister saw this writing, He himself went to see Nanukaka because the minister wanted to have a matrimonial alliance with the Maharaja of Ninnore.

2.‘ At mother’s insistence, I had taken two days leave from the office and in the afternoon, I drove Nanukaka to the North Block’

Ans-à These lines have been taken from “A pinch of snuff” which is written by Manohar Malgaonkar. His maternal uncle is coming to Delhi to see a minister. The author doesn’t want to take leave for him but his mother insisted him to take two day’s leave for him. His mother tells him that he will help Nanukaka in seeing the minister because he is an under secretary. So he drives him to North block.

  1. Answer the questions:
  2. “This tie-and-collar business is no good these days” what did Nanukaka mean to say?

Ans-àNanukaka wanted the undersecretary to change into a close-collar Jodhpuri coat and a turban. But, such things were out of date. These were not in fashion. But, Nanukaka had a purpose out of those things.

  1. Who was coming to visit the Narrator’s (Manohar Malgaonkar’s family)?

Ansà Nanukaka was coming to visit the narrator’s family.

  1. How long was Nanukaka to stay with the narrator’s family?

Ans-à Nanukaka wants to stay for two or three days with the narrator’s family.

  1. Who was the second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet?

Ansà The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was the minister.

5.What new role did Nanukaka give the under-secretary to play?

Ans-à The new role Nanukaka gave the secretary to play that of a liveried chauffeur.

  1. The under-secretary always obeyed Nanukaka, although he was never willing to do so, why?

Ans-à The under-secretary had to do it out of courtesy and humility, because Nanukaka was his mother’s brother.

  1. In what dress did the author go to the Minister along with Nanukaka?

Answer-à Wearing his white Jodhpuri coat and the orange turban the author go to the Minister along with Nanukaka.

  1. What is the relation between Sohanlal Ratiram and Ratiram?

Ans-àThey are father and son. Sohanlal Ratiram is the party boss in Delhi.

  1. Where did Nanukaka go to meet the minister and with him?

Ans-à Nanukaka went to North Block to meet the minister along with the author who had to take two days’ leave from the office at the insistence of his mother.

  1. How did he manage to impress the Sikka Auto Dealers?

Ansà To impress the Sikka Auto Dealers, Nanukaka showed a trick demonstration of the wealth with the healp of the Dhobi

11.How did he (Nanukaka) Impress the Minister?

Ansà  With the purpose to impress the minister he told loudly that he had to return all those horoscopes entrusted to him by the Maharaja Sutkatta. He told this in the presence of the servants and the secretary of the  minister.


  1. A pinch of snuff’ is a comic story written by Manohar Malgaonkar. He was a great novelist of India. Here he has presented a comic story full of with and adventure. Nanukaka is the main character and meternal uncle of narrator. The writer himself nattates the story.
  2. Nanukaka comes to Delhi to see soe ministers.And the narrator who is an uner-secretary has to take him the north block on mother’s insistance. But Nanukaka’s experience was bitter there.
  3. Latter he goes to meet SohanLal who is the party boss and successfully impreses him by his words and wits showing that he knows the ambassador Barkat Ali very well. During talk with SohanLal he came to know about welfare minister.Also he knew that SohanLal wanted  his son to get married with welfare minister’s daughter but the misister refuses.
  4. On the other hand, the welfare minister fixed his daughter’s marriage to the prince of Ninnore. Now, Nanukaka went to meet the welfare minister in the guise of hereditary astrologer of Maharaja of Ninnore and he mention it on his visitor’s book. As soon as the welfare minister comes to know about this,  he himself visits my home to meet Nanukaka.
  5. Finnaly, This is a fantastic creation of Manohar Malgaonkar where he has beautifully presented the characters. It really leaves a genuine fresh touch on reder’s mind.

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